Windows 10 Pro 1803 Lite September 2018 v2

windows 10 1803 september 2018

General Info:
Program version: 10.0.17134.319
Architect: 64bit
Size: 1.2gb (ESD)
Author builds: Oprekin
Language: English
Note: For advanced users only!

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
StartIsBack 2.7.1

All windows bloatware apps
other things…

IE 11 (needed for some application like Autocad 2017)
WMP (depends for third party camera apps and other)
Snipping tool
other things…

Disabled UAC
Disabled Windows Update
Disabled Search Index
Add Context Menu Run As Administrator
Add Context Menu Open CMD Here
Add Context Menu Take Ownership
and more Registry Tweaks

Demo Video:

Windows 10 Pro 1803 Lite September 2018

Download link:
| GoogleDrive | Mega Drive |

4 thoughts on “Windows 10 Pro 1803 Lite September 2018 v2”

  1. The Best Lite version tried so far and it’s a 1809
    excellent for a music server, sound quality in 1809 is exceptional
    it worth donate for this very good job!

  2. Based in the 1st commentary…
    …Is this really 1803 september v2 or is it 1809 october?

    Between, this versions…
    …Wich one do you recommend?

    – Did Microsoft in Win 10 v10.0.17763.55 (in this case, your upload “Pro 1809 Lite October 2018 v2”) allready fixed that Nightmare Issue in the 1st realease of Redstone 5, that was randomly Deleting User Files (in Documents directory, for example)?
    – Is it 100% funcional (1809)?
    I don’t want to lose any files or damage my precious External HDD.

    – Is 1803 fine as it is or will i lose any Important feature or Browser experience in future days?
    In resume, Does it really matter to update for 1809 or any future release?

    I donĀ“t want any Updates to make sure that my system stays in a stable release/version, because my Laptop has only 32GB (SSD) and when Microsoft releases a Plataform Update, for me its a real mess…

    I’m in 1803 right now and I want to do a clean install, so the latest release/version possible would be nice.

    Sorry for any bothersome (too many questions or large comment…).
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,
      as tittle this post for 1803, that comment wrong place.

      – i’m recommend use both LTSC or Pro 1809 .
      latest version of modification include some bug fixed.

      – that both release use latest windows update (KB4464330) and working fine at my side and all my client, iam not found any problem yet.

      – is up to you, if you feel 1803 working fine for you just stick with that version, as post info, my modification remove all windows bloatware and other unnecessary apps/feature so this make windows running faster. use virtualbox if you want test it.

      – windows update is disabled by default for all windows modification here with many extra tweak.

      hope you enjoy use my windows lite.

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