Windows 10 Pro 1809 Lite October 2018 v4

redstone 5 oprekin

General Info:
Program version: 10.0.17763.107
Code Name: Redstone 5
Architect: 64bit
Size: 1gb (ESD)
Author builds: Oprekin
Language: English
Note: For advanced users only!

integrate KB4464455 (Build 17763.107)
keep remote desktop connection (server, client, assistance)
keep legacy components – direct play (enable by default)
remove windows firewall (GUI)
remove more files on WinSxS folder

Windows update option was removed in this windows lite (only windows update service not removed but disabled by default) so “turn windows feature on or off” feature will not function because this component depend by windows update option. This component removed for keep this iso size slim by remove more files on WinSxS folder and bring back some essential windows feature by request.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
StartIsBack 2.7.3

All windows bloatware apps
Windows firewall (GUI)
Windows defender
Windows update
Windows backup
other things…

Snipping tool
Remote desktop connection
Legacy components – Direct play
other things…

Disabled UAC
Disabled Windows Update
Disabled Search Index
Add Context Menu Run As Administrator
Add Context Menu Open CMD Here
Add Context Menu Take Ownership
and more Registry Tweaks

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Demo Video:

Windows 10 Pro 1809 Lite October v4

Download link:
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