(Unmaintained) Windows 10 Pro 1903.449 Lite

General Info:
Program version: 10.0.18362.449
Code Name: 19H1
Architect: 64bit
Size: 1gb (ESD)
Author builds: Oprekin
Language: English
Note: For advanced users only!
Readme please!

see sticky comment

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

All windows bloatware apps
Windows firewall (GUI)
Windows defender
Windows update
Windows backup
other things…

Photo viewer
Remote desktop connection
Legacy components – Direct play
other things…

Disabled UAC
Disabled Windows Update
Disabled Search Index
Add Context Menu Run As Administrator
Add Context Menu Open CMD Here
Add Context Menu Take Ownership
and more Registry Tweaks

This windows modification for advanced user only, dont expect all feature are here or function will working as normal, you should know what “LITE” mean, for newbie i recommend use windows 10 Lite Plus. Hope you will enjoy this release!

Download link:
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Will there any Windows 10 Enterprise 1903.53 Lite Plus available ???


do u have windows 10 lite that has no windows embedded features removed ?


is lite plus version windows update permanently disabled ?


On lite plus, you can activate them:
Services -> Windows Updates -> Start + Automatic startup

fouad hegazy

Thank you very much, If you can add wmf/powershell only to this build it will be very good
Nice work and very helpful

fouad hegazy

Yes, but lite + iso file becomes ~2GB, the lite is very good in this regard, needs to add like 200-300mg to include powershell, is that correct?, the other way can i install powershell to this build?
Thanks in advance…..


why embeded windows is remove ????

fouad hegazy

If you can add to this build powershell/wmf only to keep it small and you can remove paint and any app which can be replaced and you can call it developer edition, it will be great and many thanks


Planing on releasing a 1903 Lite Plus Version?


BUG: →
Brightness Control gone (Brightness can’t be controlled without keyboard shortcut)
Night Mode not working
Brightness not changing automatically


install original video drivers from your laptop manufacturer. It seems you are using default video drivers

fouad hegazy

Settings/Ease of access — then you can control the brightness


Can u tell me for a god sake you leave IE, WMP and paint… Nobody dont use that things anymore… My suggestion is: #delete IE (and in my document, or desktop put chrome automatic file instalation (1–2mb size) for download, or mozzila, or opera..) #WM PLAYER replace with bs player pro(latest version) or AIMP 2,3 or latest 4. Beacuse is faster, smaller, better.. (tested Aimp 2.5 is fastest. Faster than 3.5 and 3.6 version. Version 4 have a lot of crap inside). #Btw Paint is not bad, but too old.. Trust me my man PAINT 3D from microsoft store is… Read more »


Yes, but lite version mean LITE small iso size withot craps… who want web cam app and some similar app simply dont need this your iso.. That people can use your lite plus versions. i still think my friend you can add that unnesesary things to lite+ versions…
And yeah you can change imagers.dll and some similar customized files to windows look more modern, futuristic. Something like this:
link or link or link or link


Don’t get upset NESVIL, but this is how I think. If you dont like IE, WM and Paint just simply delete/uninstall them and install what you like best. Likewise, if you want more modern look on windows install yourself what you prefer. I believe that what oprekin delivers to us is exactly the minimum that is needed for operating systems to work without problems. Everything else you can change or add exactly to your own needs. I have tested many other little versions and there was always something that didn’t work properly, but not this one. This is simply the… Read more »


Hi Language freferences not working


Thats why its called “LITE” version :). But there is some solution to add your own keyboard language if you check this post:



Can you make it for home version ?


Thank you


filesflare server always timeout .. dan sulit masuk.. can you make gdrive server ..??


good …thankss .. suwun


Hi, This is the Final RTM Version? Or is still the insider developer version? The 1809 works worderfull.. Any plans for a Lite Plus of this release? Thanks for your work!


The RTM version is already out! Please update this


can i add hibernate feature manually?


I’ve never seen such a fast version of Windows. All the crap was removed \o/

in my case Lite+ works best.

lite is best for those with native English. you will not be able to set up the keyboard in another language.

please oprekin, evaluate the future possibility of creating versions in other languages.

Congrats on the job! thank you very much


turkish language add how


For when can we expect the new release? This is still developers.. Thanks!


Hello is there a way I can install MSU packages because I need to install this package Windows_MediaFeaturePack_x64_1903_V1 and also thank you for this version

Mohammed Elsayad

any way to keep Microsoft Edge


Hi Oprekin. Please, can you create a windows 8.1 version? I found windows 8.1 to boot fast and smooth than windows 10.


Great Oprekin! Planning on updating the Lite Plus 1903? Thanks!


Can you update it through command line or just running the msu? Or its not update-able at all?

can you

can you keep the photo and groove music apps? there is a newer version 20h1


I reckon the space bug is fixed (https://imgur.com/a/uc8q68a)? currently downloading now


I Oprekin.. Could you make a Windows 7 version with USB3 drivers? Some new machines need them to install.. It would be very helpfull.. I use your actual version on a older computer and it runs very good.. but i cant install it on the new machines because of the USB3 drivers is missing.. You dont have to delete the actual version.. just make another one with the USB3 included! Thank You so much for your work!


Great work, can we expect lite + ?


How about the Microsoft Account features? Are they removed? Am I able to login to a Microsoft Account (Settings>Accounts>Sign in with Microsoft Account)? Thank you! 🙂


is the microsoft account issue disabled in this os ?


Good job but i am tweaking this iso with ‘NT LITE’ ‘MGMS TOOLKIT’ WIN REDUCER’ & wintoolkit. Add my drivers. My silent apps and. Tweaks


i love you so much
thank you


hi. great work. we can’t download drivers from device manager?
(MSI website have old drivers for my laptop)


thank you, sir


What a pleasure, 101%. Tested various bloatfree versions but this one handles anything I throw at it. No Registry hacks required, amazing.
The Mona Liza (painted in 1503) is a Masterpiece but this ISO (written in 2019) is a significant greater Masterpiece!


about security copies
use macrium reflect, in this lite ¿devo activate some services in services? or this possibility is eliminated

on keyboard languages
There is some way to install Spanish keyboard (same for others)

I installed it to test, until now I used another lite
I liked it but I saw those 2 problems copy security and keyboard language

can be solved without changing to lite plus or it is mandatory to change to lite plus to solve problems

Thank you


I can not really make a system copy with any program
this is because it is disabled or eliminated

use one that works for you?
It is very comfortable to have system images and if at some point it fails, restore it
programs that make full partition copy where this operating system


how much the iso would weigh, if it had English and international Spanish, languages and keyboard

are the 2 most spoken languages and the same would not be excessive

also Chinese is the most spoken, but only 1 Chinese out of 100 has a computer or less.


sorry for my english use translator


it’s just a suggestion to put 2 languages

macrium and others do not work, I delete windows backup and this devito delete tasks and services,
I hope I value these for next versions



nice job


can you keep the photo, groove music and video apps? oh and when will we have the 20h1 version?


Hello dear colleague, I recently heard about your work through Google searches. I really enjoyed your efforts to make Windows 10 Lite very good and at the same time enjoyable for us who use these systems.
I live in Brazil and I can not translate the system completely, I face difficulties due to download errors (0x800f0950).
I searched in many forums and could not solve. I will attach a photo showing the error that presents me, if you help me I would be very grateful for your help! 🙏

Link Error
My contact: laeciodutra@live.com


current iso has problem. system does not boot.


i got bsod it seems some necessary driver is removed


hello opre what size installation on hdd?


Thanks for this nice creation. Everything is ok except the ‘night light’. When I try to set the light night, it shows “A breakpoint has been reached”. How to fix it?


I can not download, I am no amateur but it is impossible with these endless ads.


” You are not allowed to access this site. Please do not use a VPN to access this page” SafelinkU


I can’t make one compilation partition install, only the error that I get my compilation extends, how to make it so that I can make only one partition, I have tried it on all the ISOs that you created. Thank you in advance.


Thanks for release.Does anyone know workaround for Chromium Edge runing in administrator mode?I believe its something about UAC.


Ive already tried this version for remote connection it didnt work. Upon connection black screen will appear in remote screen.


Keep up the awesome work!!!! My donation is complete…Please add to VIP. Thanks!


This is really nice actually


Windows update removed ? works after a while?


I got a big problem with “Win10 1903.207 Plus” version. When I try to installing an application from Microsoft Store, it can be install nomarly, but cant start. I tried re-install Microsoft Store with PowerShell but it was not effective.
The error message is “The system could not find the filter specified.” Please check it once. Thank you!


Serious Wi-Fi connectivity problem. When trying to connect into a new network it shows Wi-Fi is connected, no internet. After driver disabling and enabling it works again for that desired router. But If I tried for previous router it shows connected no internet. Everytime I have to do this when I want to connect into a router. Uninstalling-reinstalling and other network resetting method didn’t works.


impressive work mr oprekin

but im having visual c++ library error

i already install stuf that i need
but it occur when i use the ccboot manual upload
ilook for shadow copy in services but its missing
showdow copy and virtual disk sometimes its related to ccboot program

i just let you know the bug that i have fund

but all in all it was the great windows 10 i ever used

thank mr oprekin


will you create a custom windows 10 iso with windows defender? it’s one of the best antivirus to date


or is there a way to reinstall it in your lite/lite plus version?


What are the exact things disabled with this like is superfetch disabled, etc?


how much for the link?


Hello my name is hiago, I downloaded your version and it’s just wonderful, but I’m having some problems here, could you take some time and tell me which of these services and drivers are not included in your operating system? Until finally someone who understands how to customize a system. I am in love with your new versions, but as I was robbed the bank did not send my credit card to make a donation, but as soon as I arrive I will do. I didn’t know where to put the file, I will put it in my google drive,… Read more »