(Unmaintained) Windows 10 Pro 1909.752 Lite Plus

Build Info
Version: 10.0.18363.752
Code Name: 19H2
Author builds: Oprekin
Architect: 64bit
Size: 2gb (ESD)
Language: English
Fresh clean install supported only
Readme please!

see sticky comment

| Touch screen device support | Windows Store | Windows Update (Status disabled) | Windows PowerShell | Cortana (for local search, status disabled) | Keyboard layout and language | Windows SmartScreen (tweaked) | Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 | StartIsBack (preinstalled) | IE | WMP | Photo viewer | Remote desktop connection | Windows Embedded Features | Microsoft Edge | Legacy components – Direct play (Status enabled) | Paint | Media Streaming | Windows firewall | other things… |

| All Windows Apps Except apps at keep/integrate info | Windows Defender | Windows backup | Windows Home Group | Microsoft Telemetry | Windows Reader PDF | Kernel Debugging | Manifest Backup (WinSxS\Backup) | Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) | Windows Recovery | other things… |

| Disabled Search Index | Disable Automatic Driver Updates through Windows Update | Disable Automatic Downloading and Installing 3rd Party Apps | Tweak windows photo integration | Add Context Menu Run As Administrator | Add Context Menu Open CMD Here | Add Context Menu Take Ownership | Add some dekstop icon | Search icon on taskbar| and more Registry Tweaks |

Download link:
| Mega | VIP/Donor |
Note. Next update release only available in oprekin private builds page, see changelog here.

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bro u r doing an amazing job and we are all very much satisfied and happy with your hardwork but there is a small complaint from my side as i downloaded the litest ver of win 10 lite and superlite and pro lite all are working fine but none of them have bluetooth speaker connection the dont connet to the audio devices pls i hope you will resolve this issue


i hope roblox is fixed


are you removed any drivers from wim file ?


sata ahci driver for install?


link not working


403 error


pls help

Yogendra Kher

Can you share direct download link as i tried so much but unable to download


login gmail


I Test it very nice but still have the same drivers problems with my hp lap (IEEE Controller) and (HP Mobile data sensor driver)


Spanish language?


403 Error.. The user as exceeded their Drive quota.. Can you fix it? Thanks!


Ok working now!! Now.. i have some kind of problem with my system with the lite plus (and official releases too).. I put an 1T SSD nvme on my 2015 macbook 13 pro for more space. But since then when i try to install Windows on Bootcamp i get BSOD after install.. I Suspect that its about the disk drivers. I removed old Apple SSD drivers from installer. The strange thing is that your Lite versions work without any errors or problems. But when i tried to install the Lite plus (or some official one ISO) it won`t finish and… Read more »


Can you help? The drivers missing in the Lite are included in the Lite Plus? Thanks!


Which is the best performance ltsc or pro. And lite and lite plus?


First of all thank you so much for these builds! They feel really light on my computer.

I want to ask, is it possible to install UWP apps? I am not able to install OneNote from the Window store.

Once again, thank you for your work!


Me too, I’m trying to install Netflix app but cannot proceed.


Om, pls bagi link nya.

Yogendra Kher

Unable to download as it says enter code. From where to get the code?

Yogendra Kher

Unable to login in klop.me download site. Please give solutions or mirror link


how to download? link says ↓↓↓

403. That’s an error.

We’re sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know.


How do i update directly without reinstalling everything


Can I Request? If possible, I’ll be ready to donate


Avira Antivirus not install. Say error code 19 – need Internet Explorer 8 or higher , but Internet Explorer 11 is present on system. Tested on Windows 10 Pro 1909.476 Lite and Windows 10 Pro 1909.476 Lite Plus. On other Windows 10 19h2 work fine.

Yogendra Kher

Wifi toggle not found, please give solutions….


IsDone.dll error
Unarc.dll error code -6

Ahmed Abdelmohsen

Windows key + Print Screen don’t work to take a screenshot, is there a way to reenable this function
Thank you


can i dirty install from vanilla lite to this lite plus? (same 1903 version)

Amigo Seth

Hello Sir,
Successfully installed it one of our office pc’s. And already i am enjoying the performance of it due to its light weight. One major issue i faced was the installation of drivers. After the installation, my Ethernet and video drivers where not working. Had to surf through the internet for a couple of hours before i got the right drivers for them. so i think you can look at that also. Anyway i installed it on Dell Optiplex 380
Thank you.


The whole point of a lite version is to delete as many files as possible to make the iso file as small as possible, but still retain almost full functionality. If the oprekin includes all the drivers then it will not be a little version anymore and you might as well install official windows iso instead.


When the windows 20h1 ?


v2 download link doesnt work


Just wanted to say I downloaded your lite version from “all pc world” website. Google it. My AV reported some .tbl file in subfolder of net framework 2 as malicious. Otherwise a great edition, even though I’m not quite happy with oprekin’s choice of software to remove or keep. I guess real good stuff is for VIP’s?


I just downloaded v2 from here. Seems schtasks.exe in syswow64 subfolder is infected aswell


Download link don’t work


what are the different between windows 10 and windows 10 lite plus? Apart from one size is 1Gb, and the other is 2GB. TQ


Thank you very much!


Most applications I install work normally.
This is the best lite version I see.
Thank you very much!


Before anything else thank you for your work. I would like to know if its possible to add the Spanish LP to this version? thanks


How can I activate this windows?

Hà Quốc Việt

I cannot make copy and paste in windows
Please show me how to fix it


thank you bro

but google drive link not downloading

This site can’t be reacheddoc-04-b4-docs.googleusercontent.com’s server IP address could not be found.

thank you for your efforts
Best Regards


This is the best Lite version i had.works fine on my Laptop,Thanks in advance operkin.


I can’t sign in with my Microsoft Account


how to update dan fix brightness in Windows v1903.387_Pro_SuperLite? I am try fixed nothing happend with my windows. Can you help please?


Fristily congratulation for your work!
Doubt: How could I change the keyboard layout? There is only english and I use portuguese.


Hi, unfortunately it seems it is not possible to add keyboards, at least for some languages.. Please see the linked image.



can you make a lite version but keep UAC just like the 1909 V2 lite plz… I use it for audio/video editing i dont want all my app to automatically run as administrator. i want the option to choose. plz am begging


how can add keyboard Arabic



erhan kultur

keyboard support ?


1. Can i update manually after installing all version of the Lite Edition? although update feature has been disabled? if the latest update is available.
2. Windows Activation Status is not available/hidden and Check for update button is not available too. How to bring up again? because Later updates are definitely needed. Thank for you response…


I’m satisfied as you giving us windows without bloatware. Thank you.
And I don’t mind “lots of ads” for the download link,
But there is one thing bugging me that you are using ‘klop drive’ in the last step instead of direct g-drive link.
Because there are some trust issues with ‘klop’ around the web.
I wish you’ll think of that.
Thanks again for your service.


Thanks for that


I was thinking to let you know about a cool small app called QTTabBar. It makes explorer window tabbed like browser. You can add it to your queue of the next windows 10 version. Thanks


In currrent V3 the Explorer resets when i try to get to the properties of a drive (when wanting to defrag or clean it).
Is there a way to fix or workaround for us.
Loving your work. Big Thx and greetings, Paul

PJ Guerrero

Dos anyone have issues with auto shutdown? I think this is due to automatic updates by Microsoft Updates.

PJ Guerrero

How to complete disable AUTOMATIC UPDATES?


Merry Christmas. I just made the donation. Could you share me the direct link please? Thanks


nice thanks for this Oprekin


how can i add arabic language pack for this windows


Miracast is working thanks for that Oprekin! I will donate in the next few days. My question is if you have a plan to keep this future in all new builds you will make in the future? I would realy like to have miracast support in the ltsc lite version :).