(Unmaintained) Windows 7-10 AIO (3in1) Lite v2

General Info:
Program version: 6.1.7601.24511/10.0.18362.449/10.0.17763.832
Windows: Windows 7/10
Architect: 64bit
Size: 2.40gb (ESD)
Author builds: Oprekin
Language: English
Readme please!

Added Editions:
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Lite
Windows 10 Pro Lite 1903
Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC Lite

see sticky comment

Assembly made on the basis from Windows 7 Lite and Windows 10 Lite.
Fresh clean install

This windows modification for advanced user only, dont expect all feature are here or function will working as normal, you should know what “lite” mean, for newbie i recommend use windows 10 Lite Plus. Hope you will enjoy this release!

Download link:
| Mega | VIP/Donor |

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Mohammed Elsayad

Great Work and please i want to know something
what is difference between pro and LTSC?


help bro i got this msg
Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.


tried didnt work bro


from chrome.
add the file to your google drive.
then create copy from file you have been added before.
downloading the copied file
status : tested


btw tengkyu masbos. ayy salah satu pengguna win 7 oprekane sampeyan.top markotop


Hi Oprekin! Windows 19h2 (1909) is OUT! When are you going to make a Lite/Lite Plus Version? Thanks!